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Cancellation policy

Welcome to Ora Pilates, your ultimate destination for a full body and mind workout experience. In order to be courteous and accommodate our clients we have a strict cancellation policy:

Late Cancel from Scheduled Class: Classes that are cancelled less than 8 hours prior to the scheduled class time are considered a late cancellation. In this case, a class will be deducted from the client's account. 

Absent from Scheduled Class: Absent / no shows are subject to a $15.00 no show fee.
Ora Pilates LLC has limited class sizes and therefore needs to enforce the cancellation policy to assure that all clients have access, when possible, to classes offered.

Membership Policy

Membership Purchase Policy:
By purchasing a monthly membership you are committing to an automated recurring monthly charge. All monthly memberships expire in 30 days from the activation date.. Membership sessions cannot be extended or “rolled over” to the next month. The membership is to be used by the holder only and cannot be shared. To cancel or change the monthly automated bill, we must receive a cancellation or change request my email 14 days prior the billing cycle; email at All purchases are nonrefundable and non-transferable.



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