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Beginner Level Class

In the Beginner level classes you'll be joining other people and as a group you'll learn the basic exercises of reformer pilates. In this class we focus on form, precision and improve coordination. 

Private sessions are highly recommended for individuals that have never done pilates before especially for individuals that have not done any other form of exercise.


Private sessions are all level sessions and are by appointment only.

Private sessions are tailored to the specific individual to accommodate any limitations one may have. These sessions are recommended to all clients that are new at Pilates.

Intermediate Level Class

This is more advanced class then the beginner class. This class is best fit for individuals that have attended up to 20 beginner sessions. The right amount of beginner sessions varies from person to person.

In this class your coordination, balance and strength will be challenged and therefore improved. 

Attire & Etiquette

  • Grip socks are required and available for purchase

  • Do not wear perfumes or heavily scented lotions, as some people may be sensitive to different scents.

  • No jewelry that can get in the way of your workout, we want you to be safe.

  • Yoga Pants without zippers are preferred to protect the equipment

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