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What is Pilates (Mat and Reformer)!

If you ever wondered what is Pilates, keep on reading.

Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates in 1920s. The series of Pilates exercises were created to bring the body into a full range of motion while the joints remain healthy. Through these exercises, a mind body awareness is achieved when properly engaging in each exercise mindfully.

There is Mat Pilates and Reformer Pilates (the machine).

The Mat Pilates consists variety of Pilates of exercises that are performed on the Mat. Some people confuse Yoga with Pilates, but those are 2 different styles of workout performed on the same prop (the Mat). Many Pilates movements are a combination but not limited to of gymnastics movements, animal movements, swimming and some Yoga movements.

Reformer Pilates is performed on the Reformer machine (see picture below). The Reformer consists of straps, the carriage, footbar, shoulder rests and head rest. It may look complicated but it's actually very simple once you use it a few times. The majority of the Mat Pilates exercises are also used on the Reformer, so if you have done Mat Pilates, transitioning into the Reformer will be easy.

Taking Reformer Pilates is very beneficial for everyone that wants to improve their flexibility, strength, core strength, balance and an overall healthy body.

Pilates is very beneficial for individuals that may have limited range of motion, injuries or any other physical limitations as well as pregnant women that would like to workout throughout their pregnancy (with their doctors permission).

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